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This page was made in recognition of the 10-minute cooking mom program, Quickfire. Our family loves to cook, the 3 of us and we love chef mom Rosebud Benitez’ cooking style, tips and techniques. Making easy menu to cook and eat on the dining table is just fun for us at home and we love to watch Quickfire.

Inspired by Rosebud, we’d like to feature on this blog some of the famous and not so famous yet unique Filipino food from different parts of the country. We might feature your cooking recipes here too if you would allow us. Just use our comments section so we can get your recipes to be put here on our pages and of course, with your permission and under your credit.

Filipino recipes you’ve learned to love, like and cook at home is now made available online. Request for your favorite cooking menu and we will search for them and write about them and if you are lucky enough, we will include a video of how to cook the recipe you like. We will also put your name under the article and put it in our most-requested category in the sidebar.

Have fun cooking, the Pinoy Quickfire recipe way!

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  1. Hi: Do you have CD’s for sale?. I like your way of cooking, simple, fast and tasty. Please reply, and how much plus mailing to the USA.

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